Networking and Individual Development

75th Anniversary Reception

The Individual Development area of opportunity includes all projects designed to help members develop themselves through training seminars and networking with young professionals and other people in the Richmond area.

Training opportunities cover everything from escaping a burning building to managing a retirement account. There’s something for everyone. However, projects include not only formal training, but also social events.

Current and past networking and social activities include:

  • Sponsored Athletic Teams
  • Strawberry Hill Races
  • Sailing Classes
  • Dancing Classes
  • Cooking Classes
  • Baseball Games
  • Go-Kart Outings
  • World Beer Festival
  • Wine Tours
  • CPR Training

Just as we are open to new community service project ideas, we are also very interested in any ideas members may have for individual development projects.  If you have any ideas for our Individual Development Team, please let us know.